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  • Our Services

    Home Staging
    When selling your home or property, clients need to visualize living in your place, and an unfurnished space just doesn’t cut it. Our vacant room home staging can help people imagine the potential

    Room Redesign
    If you do not have plans to sell your property, a room redesign can give you a fresh new space.

  • About Us

    {Your Full Name}
    {First Name} is a professional home stager servicing the {Metro Region or City Names}.{First Name}is AHSA certified and has a background in home styling and home staging as well as countless years of experience in turning properties with potential into homes that people love.

    {Name of Other Home Stager}
    {First Name} is a professional home stager servicing the {Metro Region or City Names}.
    {First Name} has trained in marketing, real estate and interior design.

  • Common Questions

    How much does Home Staging cost?
    Home Staging pricing is dependent on a number of factors, including the number of rooms, whether the property is vacant or furnished, and the amount of d├ęcor and time required to do things properly.
    The one thing that is constant is the proven ROI that home sellers get from staging a home (an average of 300%!)
    Contact us and we will provide you with a free estimate.

Why you need to stage your home

At {Name of Home Staging Company}, we are experts in staging homes for sale, ensuring that you get the top dollar possible from your property. Here are the top 4 reasons to hire a professional to stage your home:

  • Staged homes sell faster 85% faster to be precise (RESA 2010)
  • Staged homes sell for more money. How much more? Home staging provides an average 300% return on the cost of home staging (RESA 2010)
  • 85% of buyers view properties on MLS before looking at them. Staged homes will generate more inquiries and offers.
  • This is what we are trained to do. We remove the emotion from staging to ensure you maximize your homes potential.

Get a FREE home staging estimate. Contact us today for details.

We are confident that we can help you sell your home or condo faster and for more money than without staging or if you do it yourself. Our expertise is ensuring that you get the biggest return possible on your investment.

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